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Frank Murray: Timeline

1912, 4th December: Francis (Frank) Joseph Murray is born in a room above his father’s shop at 155 Oldpark Road, Belfast.


1929, summer: Frank meets Eileen at a dance in Ranafast in the Gaeltacht area of Donegal.


1937, 9th July: Frank graduates from Queen’s University, Belfast.


1937, 13th October: Frank starts work at Dr Maurice Macsherry’s surgery in Birmingham.


1939, 2nd December: Frank leaves Birmingham and travels to Crookham Camp to join R.A.M.C. as Lieutenant.


1940, 9th January: Frank leaves England bound for India.


1940, (approx.) 2nd February: Frank arrives in Rawalpindi to work in the Military Hospital.


1940, 20th April: Frank starts work as Medical Officer to a Battery of Royal Artillery based in Murree hill station.


1940, 20th October: Frank returns to Rawalpindi.


1940, 29th December: Eileen sends first letter to Frank in response to a Christmas card from him.


1941, 15th February: Frank appointed 2nd in Command of Indian Army’s 27th Field Ambulance and promoted to the rank of Acting Major.


1941, 26th February: Eileen’s first letter reaches Frank.


1941, 5th April: Frank leaves Rawalpindi by train.


1941, 16th April: Frank leaves Hyderabad.


1941, 17th April: Frank arrives in Madras.


1941, 20th April: Frank arrives in Penang, Malaya.


1941, 21st April: Frank arrives in Ipoh, Malaya.


1941, 3rd May: Frank attends a garden party hosted by the Sultan of Perak. 


1941, 7th May: Frank receives a cable from Eileen signed “Love Eileen”.


1941, approx. 6th June: Frank arrives in Keroh (or Kroh) in the north of Perak, Malaya, near the border with Thailand.


1941, 5th July: Frank receives a cable from Eileen; she agrees to marry him.


1941, 25th July: Frank receives first letter from Eileen following their engagement.


1941, 4th August: Frank arrives at camp near Kuantan, Malaya.


1941, 8th December: The Japanese invade at Kota Bharu in northern Malaya near the border with Thailand.  Frank treats one of the first casualties.


1942, 16th January: Frank is appointed Commanding Officer of a Motor Ambulance Convoy.


1942, 18th January: Frank arrives in Singapore.


1942, 15th February: Singapore surrenders to the Japanese and Frank is officially a POW.  On this day he starts writing a diary in the form of a long letter to Eileen.


1942, 21st February: Frank arrives in Changi POW camp.


1942, 12th November: In Changi Frank starts writing up a journal of his wartime experiences.


1943, 16th May: Frank leaves Singapore on the Wales Maru bound for Japan.


1943, 7th June: Frank and the prisoners disembark at Moji, Japan.


1943, 10th June: Frank arrives in Hakodate Camp, Hokkaido.


1943, 16th June: Frank arrives in Yakumo Camp, Hokkaido.


1943, 25th October: Frank arrives at Muroran Camp, Hokkaido.


1944, 21st February: Frank is the Officer Commanding the troops in the camp when more senior officers leave.


1945, 5th June: Frank arrives at Raijo Camp, near Nishi Ashibetsu, Hokkaido.


1945, 26th June: Frank arrives at Utashinai Camp, Hokkaido


1945, 7th July: Frank arrives at Akabira Camp, Hokkaido


1945, 2nd September: Frank returns to Raijo Camp, near Nisi Ashibetsu, Hokkaido


1945, 13th September: Frank flies from Chitose aerodrome (near Sapporo) to Yokohama.


1945, 14th September: Frank flies from Yokohama to Okinawa.


1945, 16th September: Typhoon hits Okinawa.


1945, 19th September: Frank flies from Okinawa to Manila.


1945, 20th September: Frank sees Gracie Fields give a concert at the Manila camp.


1945, 18th November: Frank arrives in Southampton aboard the Queen Mary.


1946, 4th February: Frank and Eileen are married in Belfast.


1993, 25th September: Frank dies at home in Newcastle, Co. Down.


2009, 22nd September: Eileen dies at home in Reading, England.

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