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Paul's Book

Paul Murray, Eileen and Frank's elder son, has just published a book about his 2017 journey to Singapore and Japan as well as other aspects of his personal quest to explore ideas of reconciliation and prayer.  The book, "From the Gaeltacht to Galicia: A Son's Tale", is published by Honeybee Books and can be ordered online.  There is now an item about the book in the Media section of the website.

October 2021

The Artist
Harry Southall

One of Frank Murray's most treasured possessions was the testimonial and accompanying signatures presented to him by his fellow POWs soon after their liberation (see the "POW: Testimonial" section of the website).  The family knew that the text had been drafted by David Marshall (see Appendix D of the transcribed POW diary).  However, the identity of the person who did the artwork and calligraphy on the testimonial has now been discovered.  It was Private Harry Southall of the Royal Army Ordnance Corps.  The clue was that his signature was done in a calligraphic script.  You can read a more detailed account about Harry and see his handiwork in "POW: Testimonial" section of the website.

April 2021

POW Photos
Can you Help?

In response to the people who thought they could identify their relatives in some of the photograph albums, there is now a new section, “POW photos” under the “Photographs" tab.  There people will find high resolution versions of 4 photographs — the two Christmas concert ones from Muroran, along with Group 6 and Outside Prison Walls from Nisi Ashibetsu.  Each photo is followed by (i) an annotated version where each identifiable person is numbered and then (ii) a list of people who have been identified.  There is also a link to the Contact form so that people who have identified relatives can let me know and then I can modify the list; this should be a great help to others who look at the web site.

June 2020